For more information on Watergame: Distribution, send an e-mail to or call Jeroen Warmerdam at +31 15 711 2738.

Zou u een goede watermanager zijn?

Managing water? Try it yourself!

The Netherlands and water. It truly is a love-hate relationship. They don't want too much of it, but neither do they want too little. Enough water of the right quality, that's what it's all about and that's what water managers from the government, the provinces and the water boards try to realise. A challenging assignment, involving oftentimes difficult choices, needing creative solutions. An assignment you can only hope to realize when you're aware of the importance of water and its influence on us and the environment.

Watergame: Distribution lets you experience all of this for yourself. Send water, flowing into the country through the rivers, to the areas that need it most. Watch out for salt water entering the water supply. Avoid drought damage during the summer. Keep the IJsselmeer lake at an acceptable level. Manage it all using weirs and sluices in the main water system.

Watergame: Distribution was developed under the wing of the WaterINNovation (WINN) programme by Rijkswaterstaat Centre for Water Management, Deltares en Tygron Serious Gaming.

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